Taking proper care of yourself as an adult is something you owe yourself. Every day you have to commit to tending to your needs. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you and what goes on, your being needs care regardless. You should never feel guilty or selfish for practicing self-care. Healthy habits keep you alive and well. Moreover, you can only help others when you are in the right frame of mind. 

Your self-care routine is based on what you like and what makes you feel good. It’s totally dependent on you for your own wellbeing. You just have to try out different self-care activities then stick to what works for you. Self-care is important when you have self-love. If you love yourself, you’ll want to take good care of yourself.  As a rule of thumb, you should never put off your “me time” because you need it to thrive.

What is Self-Care and Why is it Important?

Self-care is about meeting your unique needs. There are certain things you do that make you feel better. Activities that lighten your mood, make you feel good and relax your nerves should be part of your self-care routine. It’s all about doing what you enjoy in order to nurture your body, mind, and soul. As we all know, life happens but taking care of yourself keeps you going through the times. Whenever you feel stressed or worn out, you can refuel your energy by practicing self-care.

Self-care has so many benefits especially for your mental, physical and emotional health. When you refuse to go past your limits and focus on a few things at a time, you become more productive. Healthy eating habits and good hygiene keeps you strong and sound. Encouraging and being compassionate with yourself makes you feel your best. Regular practice of self-care helps you discover yourself and hobbies you really enjoy. It is very important that you make self-care a priority.  

What are Self-care Activities You Can Try Out?

You may be wondering what activities fall under the self-care category. Well, these are things that make you feel good and happy. There are numerous self-care activities you can do. Check out some of them below. 

  1. Eat healthy meals
  2. Rest and sleep well
  3. Exercise daily
  4. Drink water often
  5. Stay away from social media
  6. Keep a journal or diary
  7. Listen to music
  8. Play with a pet
  9. Declutter your room
  10. Have a nice warm bath
  11. Take a walk
  12. Talk to a friend
  13. Hangout with family
  14. Do something creative
  15. Indulge(chocolate or alcohol)
  16. Read a book
  17. Change your style of clothes
  18. Meditate and pray
  19. Watch a movie or TV series
  20. Go to the spa
  21. Play puzzles or video games
  22. Join a class
  23. Get a massage
  24. Get a manicure or pedicure
  25. Have a bubble bath
  26. Go on a vacation 
  27. Cook at home
  28. Work on a DIY project
  29. Text or call your friends
  30. Treat yourself
  31. Go sightseeing
  32. Go shopping
  33. Vent to someone
  34. Listen to comedy
  35. Practice deep breathing
  36. Watch motivating videos
  37. Take a course
  38. Have a picnic
  39. Ride a bike
  40. Go on a road trip
  41. Visit the beach
  42. Go hiking
  43. Get an adult coloring book
  44. Write your thoughts
  45. Eat your favorite food
  46. Dance to sweet tunes
  47. Attend a party
  48. Change your location
  49. Do your makeup
  50. Have dinner with friends


Self-care helps you get in tune with your inner self. Spoiling yourself and doing things you enjoy gives you a better outlook on life. You are your major source of inspiration and also your biggest supporter. Once you can conquer yourself, you can conquer anything. Learn how your body, feelings, and emotions work so you will be better equipped in life. Always remember to make out time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive, a long walk, a good movie or a nice bath can do the trick. 

Don’t be too busy that you forget your self-care routine. You can do many self-activities at any time during the day. You just have to create the time and space for yourself. Thinking about yourself and caring for your needs makes you feel important. You don’t have to wait till someone makes plans for you. Do what you love to do and enjoy every feel-good moment you can get. It helps to improve your mindset, work-life, and also relationships with others. Whether it’s early morning, lunchtime or evening, sprinkle self-care activities into your daily schedule.