Clout Chasing is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s basically the quest for fame, recognition, or wealth. We all know that the currency of today’s world is attention. Whoever people deem it fit to pay attention to receives the “influencer” status. We aren’t talking about attention from friends and family alone. If you can garner enough visibility online and get people to watch your oats grow, you’re made for life. 

How do you expect to build an audience if you don’t want to chase clout? When chasing clout, know that anything can go viral and bring you to the limelight. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your actions are. Just do anything to keep yourself on the journey to stardom and endless opportunities. 

Anything can make you famous online. It could be raunchy videos, lies, fake life… name it. Almost every celebrity, blogger or YouTuber is clout chasing. The struggle to get people’s attention is real. And if you are going to profit off of it, you have to hit hard with your clout chasing game. However, there are a few clout chasing rules.

  • Be visible 

This step is a very obvious one. You gotta be out there in order to be seen. Social media is available for you to utilize. Create your accounts and use your desired name tag. You want people to easily search for you online when everyone starts talking about you. The foundation is simple. You have to put yourself out there so people can find you and relate with you. 

  • Incite Drama

On social media, everyone loves drama. The buzz is what you need. You have to make people notice you at all costs. Every clout chaser understands this and they know this rule like the back of their hand. You have to be so dramatic that people will begin to call you crazy. Like I said earlier, anything goes. Most clout chasers actually start random beef with someone of celebrity status. For example, if you mess with the bey, the beyhive will come for you. If you mess with Angela Nwosu, the #AngieNation will roast you. Hope you get the point? You try to feed off of someone’s popularity so you can be seen. 

  • Just say and do shit

Your job as a clout chaser is to make people talk. Their job is to talk about you. It doesn’t matter if they say good or bad things. Remember, bad publicity and good publicity are both beneficial. Only no publicity is truly bad. Your actions as a clout chaser aren’t limited. You can rant, be controversial, go naked, be fake, and oppose societal norms. If you know how to trigger people’s emotions, you’ll be in the game for long. As a clout chaser soon-to-be influencer, you can make people do what you want. Contradict everything they are comfortable with and be as controversial as they will hate you for.

  • Your main content

Almost everything a clout chaser does is meant to attract attention. But, you need to have your own content. How will you make sure they keep coming for you? If you are gonna be in business for long, your content should keep them talking. Your niche doesn’t matter. You just have to keep dishing it hot. The fire has to keep burning. Your content should generate buzz every day. It has to be something you won’t get tired of doing or saying. People give attention to whoever works for it. And when they pay attention to you, make sure it’s worthwhile. Clout chasers and or influencers trigger people so much that they talk, share and mention them everywhere. Know what that means for you? It equals more eyes, more likes, more followers. How sweet!

  • Monetize your clout

Clout is a superpower. If you have it, you have influence and popularity. Ultimately, you can monetize it. You can build a business around your clout chasing career. You can sell anything from lingerie to makeup to clothes. Influencers get to a point where people practically beg them to take their money. Even the Bible says that if you use what you have, more shall be added unto you. Companies and businesses will want you as a brand ambassador. Chase clout so much that you become the clout that others wanna chase. 

  • Haters are useful

The majority of us are scared of what people will say about us. If you are afraid of judgment, you wouldn’t aspire to be a clout chaser. As dumb as this may seem, you really need to make people hate you. Be comfortable with insults and hatred. It’s a tough road but you gotta drive through when chasing clout. It’s the fastest route. Besides, you can’t make everyone like you. They will talk trash about you. You need them to talk so your clout chasing ambition can be fueled. The more they talk, the more you should give them things to talk about. As a clout chaser, you need to develop a thick skin and be oblivious to what people are saying. 

Many of us want the world to know our names but we are so damn scared of being called clout chasers. Popularity and all its perks won’t be handed to you on a platter of gold. You have to chase it till you get it. If clout chasing will make me known and successful, then I’d better be a clout chaser.