A lot transpired in the last decade. We experienced highs and lows, good and bad, awful and great. It was defined in terms of technology, information, and overall growth. Some people became millionaires while others remained broke. Power changed hands and we got to witness the tenure of different leaders in every nation. More deaths were recorded as well as more babies were conceived. 

The Internet and every innovation that accompanied it became a big part of our lives. Problems were solved to make our lives easier and better. We are all part of a global village where we can access people who are miles and miles away from us. It’s wonderful. We are grateful for all of it. 

However, I noticed that societal values are beginning to go extinct. Back in the older years, we had tons of values which we preached and lived by. Yes, I know that stuff had been going haywire from the very beginning. But the last decade reflects a world that is losing its core values. 

It seems the morality and virtue of old died with those who had gone to glory because we just can’t find it anymore. Maybe we had become so engrossed with the latest changes in our lifestyle that we have lost every regard for values. 

We have some people who still speak about values and good character but don’t actually practice what they say. It’s so disheartening. Let me elaborate on why we need to uphold values amongst ourselves. At the core of our minds, there are beliefs that drive us. These are some sort of mind program that orchestrates our words and actions. 

This is where we have to get it right. When we begin to disregard the good values, we do stuff that exhibits it. Just like when a child thinks stealing isn’t a bad thing, he or she engages in acts to justify what’s programmed in the brain. 

A person’s values are contained within their mental files. If your mental files are filled with the wrong values, you will definitely do things that demonstrate such. How did we pick up on these wrong values? Simply put, every form of media has played a vital role in this. Whether it’s mass media, social media, or electronic media. 

The wrong messages had been spread through what people do or say. As humans, we watch what others do. And when the same thing is being done repeatedly, our brains pick up on it and we begin to act like that. For example, put a monkey in the midst of pigs for a while. At first, it might stay away from dirt. But as time goes by, it begins to do what the others are doing. Like the saying goes, “When in Rome, behave like the Romans.”

There has been an explosive turn out of influencers who affect our lives so much. We use them as a yardstick to measure our lives but it may damage our lives in the long run if they don’t promote decent values. As you may know, brands are constantly pushing products in our faces every single minute. Suppose the correct value systems are being displayed in such a manner, we would gradually experience positive changes. 

They say children are the leaders of tomorrow. Well, I wonder how they will lead when we are gradually losing touch with can bring sustenance and stability in our community. Behind every action, there is a thought that preceded it. When we speak of social vices, they get formed in the mind. Everyone imagines something before they bring it to reality. If our minds do not contain important values, our future decisions are going to be wrecked. 

The last decade brought about the rise of scams. They became so rampant that we grew wary of everyone else. Apart from the online world, we could barely even trust our family and friends. When I hear about a scammer, I hear of a person whose values have gone berserk. Someone with conscience, integrity, or a sense of honor wouldn’t take advantage of the other party in a transaction or trade. 

We couldn’t even buy without having the fear of being defrauded. We couldn’t love without the fear of being cheated on. We couldn’t eat without the fear of what might be in it. We couldn’t hang out with others without thinking that they might want to harm us. Whether we voiced out our fears and uncertainties or not, they were still right there in the back of our minds. 

Some people may think that values are not required. They don’t know that values are the underlying bedrock of any legacy. When we think about Martin Luther King Jr., Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and some other great men, we remember what they did to keep civilization in check. The people who stopped the world wars decided that peace was very paramount and so they proposed peace treaties. 

Large corporations and family businesses that stood the test of time were built on a foundation of strong values. 

Our past had been well laden with acts of valor that were possible due to the core values that drove them. I cannot over-emphasize that we are throwing away our values. And the worst part is that very few people are aware of this. But hey, what can the few do about it? Everything has become so fast-paced that no one wants to slow down and build solid foundations. 

People will do anything possible to make it big. They want to live luxurious lifestyles and have the most money. While that is entirely okay, they are ignoring the part where they have to impact others and share values. We all learn from one another. I learned from other people and some others will also learn from me. It’s more like a circle where it all rotates. Once the right value systems get thrown out of the circle, it will be so bad. 

The last decade just reveals how values are slowly being lost. There’s still hope nonetheless, we just have to share the correct ideals in this new decade. Let’s share what we were once taught so the new generations would have the right arsenal. It might not be easy but it’s possible provided every one of us upholds good moralities. Remember, the world is watching. Everything we do will go down in history. If we don’t like what we see, we can always change it.