Relationships are a vital part of our lives. As you may know, it takes two to tango. Both partners have roles to play in order to maintain the relationship. Some women think the man has to constantly put in the effort while they relax and do nothing. A successful relationship is a two-way thing. The man and woman are to make each other’s happiness a priority. A happy relationship requires togetherness and teamwork. 

As a woman, there are some behaviors that can either make or mar your relationship. Everything revolves around how you act and react. How your man perceives you determines his good behavior and lack thereof. Ever wondered why some men behave well to certain women but act like jerks to some other women. It’s a woman’s behavior and attitude that makes a man want to commit and treat her right. If you understand how your man thinks, you will know his needs and how to fulfill them. 

Here’s what you should do in your relationship:

  • Know your value 

Every woman should draw the line between a man’s acceptable and disrespectful acts. Men are like children. They love you but will sometimes try to take advantage of you. So you have to communicate your value and self-esteem through your actions and behavior. Show him how you would like to be treated and he will abide by it. It’s great to set the ball rolling from the beginning. What do you expect from him? Let him know right from the start.

Effectively communicate what he can do to keep you happy and he will do so. Many women feel that their men should presume what works for them. That’s not possible. He has to learn you and it’s your job to show him what is acceptable or not. On the other hand, acting like you are cool with bad behavior will only make him continue to disrespect you. Don’t agree with everything he says unless it’s what you want. Be a don’t behave like you are trying so hard to please him.

  • Let him have his space

Men need their space and freedom. You should not deprive him of doing what he loves. He may need to hang out with the guys, watch football, play video games, go fishing, or work extra hours. Whatever it is, just allow his freedom. Also, engage in fun activities away from him too. Give yourselves some time to miss each other. A man needs some ‘male’ time to refill his energy and masculinity. 

A relationship doesn’t require you to let go of your friends and hobbies that you love to do. Your personal needs still have to be fulfilled by you. When you are happy with or without him, he realizes how complete and self-sufficient you are. New experiences keep you occupied and help to make interesting conversations.

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  • Donโ€™t chase or smother him

When a woman gets attached to a man, she tends to become needy if not careful. Emotions are a beautiful thing but need to be controlled so you don’t repel him. The further you are, the more he pulls closer to you. Neediness involves calling or texting him all the time and wanting to spend every minute with him. Such clingy behaviors make men cringe because they feel like prisoners. 

Don’t seek his attention all the time. It’s not a woman’s duty to chase a man. He is meant to initiate conversation or contact more than you do. If a man isn’t trying to check up on you often, he probably isn’t interested. Instead of being so emotionally invested in your man, focus on your dreams and aspirations. Do things that will keep you from thinking about him 24/7. Men respect women who are in control of their own lives. Don’t make him the center of your world because neediness will certainly push him away.

  • Be worthy of his trust

Every man wants a woman he can trust. He wants to be sure that his secrets and weaknesses are safe with you. He wants to be able to open up to you emotionally. Men do spill out their emotions after they let down their guard around you. He wants to feel secure when with you. He wants you to prove how trustworthy you are with little things before he entrusts you with his whole life. 

Men only marry women who they trust so much regardless of how difficult or crazy she may be. Why? Because he knows how soft and accommodating her heart is. I believe a woman’s ultimate goal in a relationship is to become a wife. Trust is one of those things that will help you get there. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. Win his trust and never break it. 

  • Accept him as he is

A man seeks to impress so you can like, accept, and get to know him. It doesn’t mean that you should try to change who he is. He has done a great job of becoming the person he currently is. You should accept everything about him rather than criticize right away. You wouldn’t want him to be insecure and so self-conscious around you. Don’t try to insult or emasculate a man because it will make him feel less of a man.

A man won’t really change for you. He can’t change certain things that are programmed into him over the years. His beliefs, mannerisms, attitude, culture, mode of dressing, appearance, and more can’t be suddenly altered. This is why you have to be realistic as a woman. Do you like the way he is now? Do you like the way he thinks? Are your dreams in alignment with his? If yes, you’re good to go. If not, walk away. An adult male stays the same. 

  • Dwell in your feminine energy

As a woman, you should be as feminine as you can. A masculine man’s role is to protect and provide for his family. He does this with all pride and pleasure. A man wants to feel needed. He wants to be able to do things for you and be there when you need help. It’s what his ego and masculine energy needs. On the other hand, femininity gives you the desire to care for and nurture your man. 

You are not meant to compete with a man or be at loggerheads with him. Many women often find themselves doing what turns men off. If you want to know how to make a man happy, you should ask men. They will suggest that you dwell in your feminine energy. You need to make him feel like a man by allowing him to do things for you. If you are too independent, he will not feel needed and might go to another woman. 

  • Appreciate his efforts 

A certain behavior you should exhibit in a relationship is gratitude. You should not feel entitled to whatever he does for you. Be grateful that he spends his time, energy, and money on you. A man wants a woman who is appreciative and content with his efforts.  

You should make him realize that you like it when he does some chores, fixes stuff, or helps to clean. The way you treat a man encourages him to either treat you better or worse. Don’t just think about your own gain. Always put him into your perspective. Do things that he likes you to do. Reciprocate his love and make him happy. 

  • Keep bad energy away

You should try to maintain peace in your relationship or home. Responsible men do not like drama and bad vibes. He wouldn’t want you to pick fights with him or anyone else. If you notice something awkward or he annoys you, talk to him about it. If someone is making advances at him, confront him about it.

If you hear rumors or people make negative comments, don’t go about spitting curse words all around. As a woman, you should be composed and well-mannered. You wouldn’t want your actions to chase the very person that you want to keep. Also, keep your mood swings at a minimum. Don’t spoil his mood so he won’t avoid being with you.


Finally, it’s important to note that you don’t submit or be loving to a man who isn’t worthy of it. If he is cheating, unserious, abusive, lazy, or jobless, you should not put up with him. You deserve to be loved by a man who appreciates your efforts and makes you feel like the Queen you are.