18 Jan 2021


Holla Amigo, I’m Suzzy. And I guess I’m meant tell you about myself. Well, I’m a fun-loving 9ja babe (can be moody sometimes). I like to observe so many things and people. You know the kind of laid back life that involves watching rather than actively doing stuff. Yeah, that type.

I like to read, learn and research too. I enjoy seeking answers. That’s something I can dedicate my entire lifetime to.

So whilst on the journey of self-discovery, knowing and experiencing life, I could publish on my blog and provide answers for people like me who also thirst for knowledge every waking day. How about that? Sounds nice and fair to me.

🤭Who blushes while writing about herself? Errrr, me. I think I’m cool and you will get to love me. Yeah, I’m so lovable. I can’t seem to write anymore else about myself. So I guess I should stop here. Like I said earlier, I’m Suzzy and I’m a certified 9jababe. Hugs! Kisses! Good vibes only! Positivity all the way!!!!

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